Coffee Guide

Our range of freshly roasted, 100% Arabica coffee can be enjoyed in many variations. Here is our coffee guide to help you discover the perfect drink for you.


Known as the 'restricted shot' to coffee professionals, the ristretto is a ¾ ounce espresso which is made with less water for an even fuller flavour and a greater intensity.


The classic espresso embodies a one ounce shot of strong black coffee, extracted at a high temperature, to provide a short, simple shot.

Double espresso

Containing a two ounce shot of espresso, the double espresso is for those who like their coffee strong.

Espresso macchiato

An espresso macchiato is a simple one ounce shot of espresso with a dash of hot milk or foam.

Espresso con panna

The delicious espresso con panna is a one ounce shot of espresso with a layer of whipped cream to finish.


Mirroring the taste of a simple brewed coffee, an Americano is a one ounce shot of espresso diluted with hot water.

Caffè Latte

A smooth espresso, topped with steamed milk that can also be paired well with a variety of syrups.


A rich espresso shot, blended with steamed milk. A sweet sprinkle of chocolate on top is optional.


A rich, full-flavoured coffee, the flat white contains a double shot of ristretto blended with steamed milk and foam to accentuate the coffee flavour.

Café mocha

The café mocha features a shot of espresso topped with hot steamed milk and chocolate sauce for a silky smooth finish.

Chocolate Shot

A smooth and rich one ounce shot of chocolate.

Hot Chocolate

A shot of Chocolate topped with steamed milk.

Monkeyspeak Mocha

A shot of espresso immediately mixed with a Chocolate Shot for an intense yet decadent flavour experience. Steamed milk optional.