The Capsules

All our drinks, whether coffee or other speciality products, are capsule-based. Our capsules, as well as being a perfect fit for our range of coffee machines, are also fully compatible with Nepresso branded machines.

Coffee Capsules

Nespresso-compatible pure Arabica coffee capsules. These are a genuinely superior product both because of the quality and taste of our coffee, and because of the unique capsule technology which ensures full compatibility with Nespresso branded machines (unlike other products). We use next-generation, fully-recyclable plastic capsules which are nitrogen flushed to lock in freshness and extend the life of the capsule

Ristretto coffee capsules

A short shot of full-bodied coffee with a deeper darker roast.

Tasting Profile: A roasted walnuts sweetness with a taste of dark cocoa and cinnamon and a toast finish.

Intensity: 10 (ideal for – strong espresso; americano, stronger fuller flavor cappuccino and café latte)

Espresso coffee capsules

A standard shot of rich roast coffee with well-balanced flavours.

Tasting Profile: A vanilla sweetness with a taste of hazelnuts, orange and a cocoa finish.

Intensity: 7 (ideal for standard espresso, and less strong cappuccino and café latte)

Decaf coffee capsules

Full flavour with zero caffeine.

Tasting Profile: A caramel sweetness with a taste of milk chocolate, honey, pink lady apples and a vanilla with clove finish.

Intensity: 5

lungo coffee capsules

A long shot of coffee with a lighter body and smooth taste.

Tasting Profile: A maple syrup sweetness with a taste of dark chocolate, peach and a cinnamon finish.

Intensity: 5

Other Capsules


Availability: In stock

A luxuriously deep flavor made from the finest chocolate beans for a perfetly balanced chocolate flavor

Box of 20 capsules

Just think of the possibilities......

    * Savour as a hot shot of rich chocolate on its own
    * Use as a base for a delicious hot chocolate by adding milk prepared in our frother
    * Pour over a scoop of ice cream for an improvised dessert
    * Combine with a shot of espresso for the perfect Mocha
Truly something for the whole family to enjoy and for dinner guests to be wowed!