The Capsules

All our drinks, whether coffee or other speciality products, are capsule-based. Our capsules, as well as being a perfect fit for our range of coffee machines, are also fully compatible with Nepresso branded machines.


Coffee Planet

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Nespresso-compatible pure Arabica coffee capsules. These are a genuinely superior product both because of the quality and taste of the coffee, and because of the unique capsule technology which ensures full compatibility with Nespresso branded machines (unlike other products). Next-generation, fully-recyclable plastic capsules are nitrogen flushed to lock in freshness and extend the life of the capsule.

* Ristretto and Lungo available in packs of 50 / boxes of 10; Espresso and Decaf available in packs of 50; Organic Espresso available in boxes of 10

Ristretto coffee capsules

A short shot of full-bodied coffee with a deeper darker roast.

Tasting Profile: A roasted walnuts sweetness with a taste of dark cocoa and cinnamon and a toast finish.

Intensity: 8 (ideal for – strong espresso; americano, stronger fuller flavor cappuccino and café latte)

Espresso coffee capsules

A standard shot of rich roast coffee with well-balanced flavours.

Tasting Profile: A vanilla sweetness with a taste of hazelnuts, orange and a cocoa finish.

Intensity: 6 (ideal for standard espresso, and less strong cappuccino and café latte)

Decaf coffee capsules

Full flavour with zero caffeine.

Tasting Profile: A caramel sweetness with a taste of milk chocolate, honey, pink lady apples and a vanilla with clove finish.

Intensity: 5

lungo coffee capsules

A long shot of coffee with a lighter body and smooth taste.

Tasting Profile: A maple syrup sweetness with a taste of dark chocolate, peach and a cinnamon finish.

Intensity: 5

Organic Espresso coffee capsules

Standard shot of balanced roast organically grown coffee beans.

Tasting Profile: Enjoy as an Espresso; mild Americano; mild Cappuccino; Machiatto; mild Café Latte

Intensity: 5


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A premium quality Nespresso® compatible capsule range.

Developed, perfected and packed in Australia. Roasting and Blending since 1982, retaining Italian roots and developing these distinctive signature blends.

Our capsule is 100% plant-based, compostable and truly PLANET FRIENDLY. It is the only compostable capsule complies with the OK BIOBASED and OK COMPOST certifications awarded by TÜV Austria / Vincotte as a finished product. No need to worry about recycling programs or correct disposal. The capsule will biodegrade in landfill or your compost heap.

* Available in boxes of 10


Strong" Coffee Capsules

Tasting Profile: Dark and intense, with a full body that embodies notes of cinnamon, fig and dark chocolate.

BEAN ORIGIN: : Colombia, Brazil, Nicaragua, India, Indonesia


"Medium" Coffee Capsules

Tasting Profile:A balance of strong caramel sweetness together with a mellow acidity.

BEAN ORIGIN: Ethiopia, Indonesia, Brazil, Colombia


"Smooth" Fair trade Organic Coffee Capsules

Tasting Profile: A simple but elegant blend of citrus freshness and cocoa depth.

BEAN ORIGIN: Peru, Honduras, Nicaragua


"Medium" Coffee Capsules

Tasting Profile:This Water Processed decaffeinated coffee uses a 100% chemical free decaffeination process yet delivers a rewarding coffee experience that is rich in taste, with a medium body.

BEAN ORIGIN: Columbian Mountain


RESERVE LOT 888 Caramel

"Smooth" Coffee Capsules

Tasting Profile: Balanced harmony of coffee and caramel with a smooth hint of toffee.

BEAN ORIGIN: Colombia, Brazil



"Strong" Coffee Capsules

Tasting Profile: Natural, dark robust tones with raisin flavours and a spicy rich oak finish.

BEAN ORIGIN: East Africa, South America


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The very original Continental blends developed by Primo Roasters, the parents of Di Stefano that have been enjoyed in the cafes of Australia for decades - now available in the Philippines (Nespresso(r) compatible).

* Espresso Numero Uno available in boxes of 10; Ristretto,

* Espresso, Ristretto and Intenso available in packs of 50.

Numero Uno

We call this award-winning blend "Numero Uno" for a reason. The intense flavor and full bodied experience this coffee offers makes it perfect for both espresso and milk coffees. In fact with the dark roast and high intensity it is also enjoyable as an Americano.


Intense and Satisfying
For those keen on a caffeine kick, invest your time into a somewhat intense coffee consumption experience guaranteed to get you going as soon as you hit office keyboard.

Origin - Central and South America & East Asia
Strength - 5/5


Efficient & Productive
Formulated with the efficient and productive in mind. A blend on the lighter side designed for the quick shot always on the move individual that likes many coffees but without the caffeine overload or lengthy shot.

Origin - Brazil & Colombia
Strength - 3/5


Strong & Impressive
Not a fan of the strongest blend of coffee in your capsule? Espresso is bound to impress as the well-balanced people pleaser with a moderate strength and nostalgic effect.

Origin - South America & East Asia
Intensity - 4/5


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Nespresso(r) compatible coffee capsule range of carefully crafted Arabica / Robusta blends to match and maximize roast strength. PODiSTA beans are virtuously sourced from farms in Brazil, India, Vietnam, Uganda and Nicaragua and are slow roasted Italian style in Australia with paramount quality and excellence.

PODiSTA capsules are made from d2w oxo-biodegradable plastic technology. They are recyclable and biodegradable, but are not compostable. They can be recycled or treated as general waste where they will degrade at an accelerated rate of time in landfill. It takes around 2 years for this to happen. As a comparison, it can take up to 500 years for some other plastic and aluminium pods to break down. Oxo-biodegradable plastic will biodegrade on land or in water and will not leave harmful residues. It can also be recycled with ordinary plastics, making it very versatile.
For more extensive information about Oxo-Biodegradable capsules and certifications, please visit the related article in the NEWS section.

* Available in boxes of 10


Full bodied espresso with a rich, heavy crema and lasting taste

Intensity: 12 (Ideal for café latte, cappuccino, strong americano)

Double Shot

Like the hit of an energy drink, but don’t like a sugar or chemical high? Double Shot contains more than twice the caffeine of a standard capsule, boosted with natural guarana extract from rainforests of Brazil.

Intensity: 16 (Ideal pre-workout drink or as alternative to energy drinks. Best consumed with steamed / frothed milk)



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A rich hot chocolate shot with a slightly dark chocolate taste that stays on the palate. Enjoy as a straight shot; mix with a splash of steamed milk for a velvety hot chocolate; mix with favorite espresso for the perfect Mocha.

Box of 10 capsules

Just think of the possibilities......

    * Savour as a hot shot of rich chocolate on its own
    * Create a delicious hot chocolate by adding a little milk prepared in our frother
    * Pour over a scoop of ice cream for an improvised dessert
    * Combine with a shot of espresso for the perfect Mocha
Truly something for the whole family to enjoy and for dinner guests to be wowed!


PODiSTA Smooth & Creamy

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Blended from the finest ingredients, Smooth & Creamy a delectable traditional hot milk chocolate drink with velvety texture that melts evenly in the mouth.

    * just add frothed / steamed milk


PODiSTA Smooth & Creamy

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Newly created hot milk chocolate with subtle yet lasting mint tones. It’s a little decadent but you deserve it.

    * just add frothed / steamed milk


PODiSTA Hazelnut Infusion

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Hot milk chocolate with with a rich nutty sweetness

    Ideal as a hot chocolate with steamed milk. Can also be served cold.